The Story:

 When sex in the city becomes a deadly game, it’s up to the Manhattan Homicide Task Force to deal with the startling serial murders that are panicking the city and pressuring the pols. But MANHATTAN ROULETTE, with its pungent insights and razor-sharp, occasionally rollicking, prose, is more than just a riveting detective story; it's a probing exploration of the state of our unions in the post-romantic world.


It's also a compelling character study. Its hero, Burt Brymmer, is a man who's both physically and emotionally scarred, and as the head of an expanding team of detectives, he's uniquely equipped to take the case to a close. His partner, Steve Ross, whose manic sense of humor is a shield against the tragedies he faces at home, is the yin to Brymmer's yang as they move through Manhattan accumulating stories from the winners and losers in a fatal game of chance. From porn writers to cover girls, bartenders to fashionistas, stockbrokers to millionaires with a taste for the exotic and the desperate "huddled misses" haunting the West Side bars, the novel covers a city where nobody seems to sleep without Lunesta or Ativan or a 3 AM hookup.


Brymmer gets his own chance to gamble with his luck when a Fox News reporter who' s been following the blood trail with a questionable persistence starts to knock on his heart and to challenge his reserve.


Written in a fresh, direct and cinematic style, MANHATTAN ROULETTE takes the popular genre of police detection to a new and bracing level.